what we do

  • InVu International is an innovative, strategic, information technology implementation firm connecting your team through technology by offering both functional and technical services to bring your team's future in view. InVu specializes in technical and functional implementation of enterprise resource planning software.
  • Using the InVu Implementation Process, we specialize in Distribution Business Development using innovative marketing approaches to identify, develop and expand your core customer base.
  • InVu's clients benefit from our technology, strategic planning and marketing expertise.
  • InVu International is committed and dedicated to their clients. InVu International is ready to propel your organization into your future; contact us to let us show you how.


InVu’s MarketLure scores big for major multi-city distributor client.

InVu’s client achieved over 1000 customer responses in 48 hours. InVu was able to penetrate and reach 94% of the client’s database, capturing the full attention of 70% of the database to deliver a 30 second promotional message that resulted in a tremendous response rate.