the InVu process

If you open up your hand and hold it in front of you, how do you describe what you see? Four fingers and a thumb? Or, like the InVu team, do you see four spaces – between the fingers.

Total Process Management

In the process diagram to the right, InVu is certainly well versed in assisting clients create the content of the boxes. However and perhaps more importantly, InVu also concentrates on the arrows, between the boxes!

InVu merges depth of experience in strategic and tactical planning with the latest technology to:

  • Understand your direction, strengths, and requirements
  • Develop with you the plan, a test pilot, and roll-out scheme - the boxes
  • Manage / support the implementation – the arrows.

PLAN – InVu provides detailed interface to understand the client’s company, people, product, objectives, budget, growth potential, and recommend a course of action that can assist in growing the business.

PILOT – Verification of the plan via a controlled test provides valuable learning, and lays the foundation for a rollout. InVu is skilled in converting plans to action pilots, leveraging its technology and its people resources

ROLLOUT – multiple phases. InVu navigates this process, assisting the client’s resources as required to scale up the Pilot model effectively and efficiently.

Principles of Continuous Quality Improvement guide the InVu/client team in expanding the business growth initiative into further projects.