Our most frequent Business Development request: I need to grow my market share!... multiple client

InVu drives towards solutions that provide the client:

  • Differentiation
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

Using InVu’s exclusive Customer Development methodology:

  • ? Loyalty ? - Do you know what % of your customers will switch to your competitor – at any time!
  • It’s higher than you think!
  • InVu’s MarketLure methodology builds loyalty.

AND – using InVu math. . .

  • The same % of your Competitors’s customers are available to YOU for taking !
  • InVu’s MarketLure works with clients to acquire customers from competitors.

InVu interacts with the client’s team to focus. . .

Position – client’s value proposition to customers as a “valued relationship”

Analyze – construct position messages and sales generating messages that resonate with specific sub-groups within the customer database.

Tactical Execution

  1. Create and deliver messages that motivate customers to action
  2. Integrate the sales staff into the tactical implementation
  3. Drive loyalty via this new approach
  4. Leverage increased loyalty to convert competitor’s customers into your customers.


Case 1: Sales event — performance against last year:

Case 2: Reaching & Influencing Customers:

outside sales person to distributor

"I have to confess that this program has forced me to call on some customers that I had actually been ignoring — HOWEVER, I now had a reason to call on them and I am getting orders!"

sales manager on value of communications

The non-sales message that you just mentioned is probably the best business building strategy we could implement.