Tri-State Prepares for Growth

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives that it serves. Tri-State generates and transports electricity to its member systems throughout a 250,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The Information Technology Executive Steering Committee embarked on an Business Integration Project and chartered the Business Improvement Process (BIP) Team. The BIP team was tasked with the Vision — Invest in Our Future Through Completely Implementing One Integrated Work Management / Supply Chain System to enable Best in Class Processes and Procedures.

With the vision in mind the team developed their objectives.

The BIP team was tasked with the implementation of the PassPortTM Contracts, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Modules while

  • Documenting current business processes while streamlining and improving Tri-State’s Business Processes’ effectiveness.
  • Maximizing all automation aspects of each module while decreasing or eliminating the number of
    • Interfaces or inter-system touch points
    • Paper, manual or repetitive entry processes
  • Enhancing the use of the in use Work Management and Inventory modules.

InVu International was chosen because of its reputation and experience. InVu has over 20 years experience of technical and functional systems implementation, project management, strategic process facilitation and financial planning experience. InVu’s experience includes Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and eCommerce implementations. Their experie wnceith the business process documentation and redesign reengineering include creating and implementing electronic procurement functional designs. With regards to Supply Chain, InVu has experience in strategic sourcing, purchasing, budgeting, accounts payable and business case rationalization.

The Implementation Process

Learning — The BIP team embarked on requiring all team members to obtain training on applicable PassPortTM to develop sufficient level of knowledge and understanding, including interaction among modules and systems.

Exploring — After these initial interactive planning sessions, the team was lead through a phased-in process implementation process. Each implementation required coordinated systems, integration and systems testing and process documentation.

Plan — The BIP team then embarked on the following:

  • Purchasing — Standardize the requisition process while prepare requirements for transfer of purchasing application from OracleTM to PassPort™. Investigate and recommend softwarere quirements to collect Pcard and Credit Card costs.
  • Contracts — Implement PassPort™ contracts

The Plan

  • A/P and Cash — Analyze effects of the prebuilt interface between Oracle™ and PassPort™ and determine appropriate software location(s) for Cash Management functions to streamline the payment process.
  • Oracle™ Implement Oracle™ Projects module as an effective cost management tool. Oracle™ Projects and determine proper flow of information into and out of Oracle™ Projects while determineing the level of cost detail to be tracked in Oracle™ Projects versus PassPort™ maintained in Oracle™ general ledger.
  • Business Reports/Data Warehouse — Define, Design and Implement a management reporting structure that is standardized and accessible.
  • Work Management Procedures Review (Including Fixed Assets) Determine and recommend procedural changes necessary to correspond to system functionality and standardize within and across business units.

Implementation — The team successfully implemented PassPort Purchasing, Contracts and Accounts Payable modules.

Implementation Benedits Achieved

  • Increased automation (moving paper processes to electronic). By implementing electronic invoices, contracts and purchasing documents increased visibility of Tri-State documents across the company and allowed for electronic “real-time” cost tracking.
  • Standardized, Integrated & Streamlined businesses process by decreased the number of processes and process steps. The BIP team condensed and streamlined 36 processes to 19 processes. Including the Routing of electronic documents obtaining electronic approvals and changing accounting during approval
  • Decreased the number of interfaces and eliminated Custom Applications
  • Worked through and Embraced cultural differences
  • Overall significantly improved processing times from Requisition to payment.


“I feel that the biggest achievements of Business Improvement Project (BIP) were to: standardize business processes across the Company, through computerization, allowing access to information on-line and the elimination of paper being passed all-around the Tri-State and by interfacing our document management system, Documentum, with Ventyx PassPort.”

— Dan Ross,
Senior Manager, Information Technology,
Tri-State Generation & Transmission

“InVu helped get our team out of their comfort zone in order to take advantage of Best In Class technology. Everyone at Tri-State can now better manage their projects by being able to view and track information from their work orders all the way through to payment in one system.”

— Tim Hoisington,
BIP Project Manager,
Tri-State Generation & Transmission